Liitettävyys ja tiedonhallinta

Tietojen tallentaminen, siirtäminen ja jakaminen on tärkeä osa suunnitteluprosessia. Nykyaikainen digitaalinen oskilloskooppi tarjoaa uskomattomia työkaluja ajan säästämiseksi.

Remote monitoring and control of your instrument with UltraScope

Seamlessly connect, control and monitor your scope via USB or ethernet using the RIGOL UltraScope utility.  Perfect for remote control, monitoring, data capture and supporting distributed environments.

Connecting UltraScope over the LAN

The RIGOL utilities make it simple to connect and configure your scope of Ethernet.  Don’t be intimidated to set up a remote monitoring and environment.

Saving CSV Data to USB

Pulling data off of your scope to share with other team members or to utilize in other analysis programs is simple with our download to USB function.

Capturing a screen shot

Easily capture a screen shot via USB directly or via UltraSigma software.  Use capture scope data to share with teammates or for inclussion in test reports.

Create Arbitrary Waves simply from scope data

It is simple to capture a reference waveform from your scope and then generate that signal through your RIGOL Arbitrary Function Generator.  A valuable capability when characterizing receivers, prototyipng, or completing pass/fail manufacturing or stress tests.